There are many travelers along the pathway to higher education. Some are just starting out, fresh out of high school. Others have been on the road for a while, steadily heading to their completion destination. The path is never straight and narrow, and there can be many detours along the way, but San Jacinto College serves as way to get back on track for those that are determined to reach their educational and career goals.

The San Jacinto College CPD (Continuing and Professional Development) division provides GED preparation tutorial and GED individual subject preparation courses at its Central, North and South Campuses for students who need the high school diploma equivalency in order to enroll in any higher education academic and technical courses, and in some cases, apply for jobs. The courses are intended to help students recollect concepts, strengthen areas of weakness, and improve test taking strategies. The GED preparation tutorial courses include mathematics, language arts, and social studies and science subject areas all in one course. The GED individual subject preparation classes provide a review in each of the mentioned subject areas at a slower, in-depth pace.

“The majority of the population we serve are in our classes for the sole purpose of improving their quality of life,” said San Jacinto College CPD education instructor, David Zambrano. “They see education as a means of job placement or promotion. This will increase their income and help provide the financial stability that most people look for. These students have decided to take action and work towards their goal, and it’s extremely rewarding seeing them move on to college-level courses and eventually work in their chosen professional field.”

Registration is now available for GED preparation tutorial and individual subject preparation courses that begin on January 9, 2017 at the Central, North and South Campuses. All classes are held Monday through Thursday from 6-9 p.m. GED preparation tutorial courses are $395. GED individual subject preparation courses fees are: $165 for math; $165 for language arts; and $120 for social studies/science. All courses require the text book for $36. A Texas Instrument 30XS calculator purchase is recommended for $22, however calculators are provided in-class at no cost. As a recipient of the Texas Workforce Commission’s Adult Education and Literacy grant, San Jacinto College is able to provide free GED course funding to students who qualify.

For registration information, and to see if you qualify for free GED course funding, contact the The San Jacinto College CPD division at 281-542-2020 or the San Jacinto College Director of Adult Education Grants at 281-478-3615.


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