SJC graduation ceremony.

News & notes from around the College

San Jac, LyondellBasell win partnership award The American Association of Community Colleges presented San Jacinto College and LyondellBasell with the Outstanding College/Corporate Partnership Award April 8 during its annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky. “We are honored to receive this recognition from the AACC, alongside our incredible partner LyondellBasell,” said San Jac...
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San Jacinto College Early College High School student Imaad Ali.

Building toward the future: Ali’s journey through early college success 

As Imaad Ali completed his senior year, he graduated with his high school diploma, a college degree, and an ambitious outlook on life. Ali enrolled in San Jacinto College’s Early College High School program on the South Campus through Dobie High School. “When I first heard about early college, I thought it wouldn’t be for me,” he said. “But as my parents and I learned more about...
San Jacinto College biotechnology instructor Kevin Rodriguez

From yawning in biology to launching new biotech program 

STEM was the last box Kevin Rodriguez would have checked on a career assessment. Science seemed linked to yawning. In Rodriguez’s high school biology class, handouts replaced hands-on experiments. It wasn’t until five years after high school that Rodriguez changed his thinking. The epiphany came from the unlikeliest place: a TV series. Stunning visual aids in “The Cosmos: A Spacetime...
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San Jacinto College logistics classmates

Turning education into opportunity: Morales finds success through connection

Amy West and Ana Morales first crossed paths in Dr. Ivy  Jenkins’ principles of imports class at the San Jacinto College North Campus. This chance meeting led to a new job for Morales and a new colleague for West. West, a port entry supervisor for the Port of Houston, came to San Jac as a 27-year veteran in the world of logistics. “I have worked in the industry for almost...
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San Jacinto College art professor Naomi Lemus.

Art and Inspiration: Q&A with professor Naomi Lemus 

San Jacinto College North Campus professor and program alumna Naomi Lemus is a talented artist and educator. She shares about her journey, which has embodied resilience, determination, and a passion for both art and education. Q: Tell me about yourself. A: I was born and raised in Galena Park. My mom still lives five minutes from the North Campus. Growing up as a first-generation Mexican...
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Adult students at SJC.

How to Succeed as an Adult Student 

If you’re an adult student coming to San Jacinto College for a new degree or enrolling for the first time, you’ve taken the most important step: You’ve stopped waiting and started doing. Whether you’re 25 or 85, San Jac experts share how to step back into the classroom with confidence. SETTING GOALS Q: How can I set clear academic and personal goals? Adam Rogers, program advisor...
San Jacinto College Pharmacy Technician Program.

From newbies to pros, pharmacy tech program offers targeted training 

When Irene Villatoro graduated from San Jacinto College’s pharmacy technician program, she never imagined what would happen 22 years later. Now directing the North Campus program, she’d celebrate her daughter, Jacquelyn, completing the training too. More than a family affair, though, the pharmacy technician program has prepared countless graduates for an essential health care field and...
San Jacinto College STEM graduate Keyla Ramirez.

Alumna discovers career path in Puerto Rico

Normally composed, Keyla Ramirez felt excitement bursting inside her. She had made it into a new year-long research program in Puerto Rico that would start immediately after she finished her bachelor’s degree. The only problem: How would she break the news to her parents? She could already hear their questions: “Aren’t there opportunities like that here? Why Puerto Rico?” Home is...
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San Jacinto College history alumnus Tyler white.

Alumnus makes his career history 

Tyler White, San Jacinto College alumnus, was raised to revere history, sparking a lifelong fascination. “Tyler’s appetite for history began with growing up in Deer Park, so close to so much Texas history,” said John White, Tyler's dad and criminal justice professor at the Central Campus. “He took an interest in history and archeology at a very young age. He was also blessed with...
San Jacinto College and LyondellBasell Hollywood Nights Gala.

Glitz, glam for good cause 

Lights, camera, action! Students got top billing at the San Jacinto College and LyondellBasell Hollywood Nights Gala presented by the Sinor Family May 17. The gala raised more than $650,000  for the Promise @ San Jac Scholarship, which ensures high school graduates living in the College’s taxing district can earn a certificate or associate degree debt-free. “We are grateful to...
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San Jacinto College EDGE Center graduate Oscar Gil.

San Jac and Intuitive Machines Forge Pathways to Aerospace Careers   

The collaborative journey between the San Jacinto College EDGE Center and Intuitive Machines began in 2019, coinciding with both institutions' entry into the Houston Spaceport. Intuitive Machines has played a multifaceted role in enhancing the College's aerospace technician programs. “Intuitive Machines assists our programs in many ways” said Dr. Sarah Janes, continuing and professional...